Your middle name beating between my ribs.

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you’ve got mad flailing skillz girl! I need to hear this sometime!

Okay! Let’s all tinychat soon. :)

imagenvmillfindsome1likeyou replied to your post:More TMI: what is your dream breakfast? Food, drinks, company (or not), place, things, wallpaper, the works?

mmmm mimosas are so yummy! and you made breakfast in bed sound so erotic! (maybe that’s just me because OMG fruit). I feel like if I actually had breakfast in bed I’d spill stuff everywhere but it sounds perfect the way you described it! ;)

For someone who has no game, I certainly know how to make things sound erotic! I’m sure breakfast in bed is like body chocolate. Good in fanfics, more work than necessary in real life. 

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OMG how are you like the cutest thing to ever exist?!!! *hugs* *let me love you.gif* that I can’t upload because no photo replies :(

This is how. I miss anons. :(

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I’ve never heard of half those fruits and fruit is my faveee. *wants*

THEY’RE SO GOOD!!! I love tropical fruit. Except for bananas, papaya and coconut. (Okay, I do occasionally enjoy bananas and fresh coconut.) 

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what are these bookcase sounds that everyone is referring too?

I don’t know. Ask Judith. I think I sound like a perfectly normal person.

  1. starlitblues said: hahaha wow you posted all of these. I look like such a creeper now! …I couldn’t sleep, okay? and I had to catch up on my dash after I finally watched the episode. sorryyyy!!! <3
  2. rugrash said: Wrong! Breakfast in bed is awesome. The key is to not eat things that require a knife and fork. And you need a bedside table. I’m not into the whole food sex thing though, so I don’t know about feeding each other. Seems sticky to me.
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